The Big Kahunas

March 23, 2000

1) JAMES TARWATER, 55, Irvine ... Superintendent of the Ocean View School

District ... Key figure in bringing the Wal-Mart project to the district,

an issue that kept the community in a whirl of controversy for five years

... His work with the retail giant will bring the district about $400,000

a year in lease income ... Designed state-of-the-art student promotion

and retention program ... District was at the brink of bankruptcy when he

took over in 1992. He helped to nurse it back to financial health ...


Grew up in Long Beach but was born in Patterson, N.J. ... Enjoys the

ocean, surfing, horse riding, tennis, golf, skiing, reading and biking

... Once worked on a ranch as a cowboy ... Married to Gina, with two

daughters and two sons ... Last year's ranking: 14

1) TRACY PELLMAN, 44, Huntington Beach ... Ocean View School District

board member ... Co-leader of successful No on Measure I campaign that

made it possible for Wal-Mart to set up shop in town ... During the last

three weeks leading up to the election, she was getting three to four

hours of sleep per day, even weekends ... Her successful campaign will

bring the city and school district $400,000 each annually ... Born in

Bethesda, Md., Bethesda Naval Base ... Married to Harry ... Has five

children, all daughters -- one is a deputy district attorney under Gil

Garcetti, another works for an environmental architectural firm ...

President of local chapter of National Charity League ... Board member

for Huntington Beach Art Foundation ... Has worked with American Heart

Assn. ... Enjoys skiing, reading, and makes and designs jewelry ... Last

year's ranking: Unranked

2) MARVIN JOSEPHSON, 44, Huntington Beach ... As chairman of Crest

View United, he fought a losing battle to keep Wal-Mart from being built

at the Crest View school site on Talbert Avenue ... Program manager at a

technology company based in Huntington Beach ... Says he has thought

about running for City Council, but he's "too darned honest" ... Enjoys

3-D photography and the outdoors ... Saw the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit

last year at the Los Angeles Museum of Art ... "Starry Night" is among

favorite paintings ... Favorite movie is "Little Big Man" ... Has seen it

at least 10 times ... Married 12 years to Debbie ... Last year's ranking:


3) JIM LANE, 59, Huntington Beach ... Rails against overdevelopment in

Downtown, which must be kept "people friendly" ... led the

resident-sponsored campaign that forced the Huntington Beach City Council

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