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And LOU MURRAY -- Natural Perspective


October 05, 2000

is already strained to the kennel walls with animals from Costa Mesa and

Westminster. They could use a new facility. We propose that Huntington

Beach investigate forming an alliance with the neighboring cities and a

nonprofit group, such as Save Our Strays, the Orange County Humane

Society or the ASPCA, to build a new shelter and provide animal care.

The city could be doing more for our wildlife too. At least half of

the injured and orphaned animals brought into the Wetlands and Wildlife


Care Center come from Huntington Beach, yet the city provides nothing for

their care. In addition to hiring an animal control officer and arranging

for a shelter for our pets, the city of Huntington Beach should be paying

the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center for its services in caring for our


We think our city should form an alliance with neighboring cities and

work with a pet-oriented, nonprofit plus the Wetlands and Wildlife Care

Center to adequately house our stray pets and care for our injured and

orphaned wildlife. * VIC LEIPZIG and LOU MURRAY are Huntington Beach

residents and environmentalists. They can be reached at o7

vicleipzig@aol.comf7 .

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