April 26, 2001

In response to Skip Pedigo's Letter of the Week, I would like to say I

could not have said it better ("When did Huntington Beach change its

name?" April 19).

The Independent seems to be trying to lose its Huntington Beach

identity. Please -- you have gone too far. I am proud to have been a

part of this city since 1947. Do not spoil our reading of an otherwise

interesting local newspaper. An occasional reference to Surf City would


be fine, but we are Huntington Beach and have been since 1904.


Huntington Beach

* Alicia M. Wentworth is a retired city clerk and Huntington Beach


Thank you, Skip Pedigo -- whoever you are. I, too, am constantly

irritated by the Independent referring to Huntington Beach as Surf City.

Each time I see Surf City used, I ask myself why -- why are they doing


It's not our name. To me, Surf City sounds like a city of "beach

bunnies" and "surfer dudes." We are more than that!

I've lived here for 38 years and am pleased and proud to be a resident

of Huntington Beach. I would think the Independent -- a fine local

newspaper -- would feel the same.


Huntington Beach

I totally agree with Skip Pedigo regarding the name Surf City. To me,

it sounds tacky. Huntington Beach has a long established reputation for

its beaches, Harbour, family atmosphere, well kept homes, good schools

and safety.

If people want to refer to Huntington Beach during the big surfing

contests in July/August, as Surf City, fine, but don't rename it, not

without the approval of a majority of the residents.


Huntington Beach

Editor's note: We're sorry if we made things gnarly for our readers

and we'll do our best to tone down our use of the Surf City moniker. But

lest we be blamed for creating that title, we must remind the readers

that in 1991, Huntington Beach City Council members officially adopted

the name of Surf City as part of a marketing campaign to promote the

town's image. In fact, former mayor and then Assemblyman Tom Mays,

himself a surfer, proposed legislation to get state recognition of the

Surf City name.

Parents thankful for board's vote

Thank you to the Ocean View School District board members for voting

"yes" to move forward with the gymnasiums at the middle school sites

("Ocean View board OKs gym study," April 5). We are fortunate to have a

school board that is thinking of our children today and also in the



Huntington Beach

As a parent of a College View student, I would like to applaud the

Ocean View School Board for its vote on the gyms. It is nice to know that

the needs of our children were put first.


Huntington Beach

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