In the Spirit

March 14, 2002

SERVICE ADDRESS: 1905 Main St at Yorktown Avenue. Services are held at

Huntington Beach High School Student Center.


TELEPHONE: (714) 596-7700



YEAR ESTABLISHED: August 2000. Services at Huntington Beach High


School began in 2001.

SERVICE TIMES: 6:30 p.m. Sunday. The Backyard Club, for children

through fifth grade meets concurrently.


SIZE OF CONGREGATION: 120 adults, 30 children.

MAKEUP OF CONGREGATION: Members come from many different backgrounds.

Most members are in their teens and 20s, though there is a significant

number older adults as well.

CHILD CARE: Provided on Sunday evening in the Backyard Club.

TYPE OF WORSHIP: Oleson describes the worship by saying, "We rock!"

The service starts with a short set of music. The band backs up vocals

with driving guitars and percussion. Often there is a creative element --

a video, art, a drama or a story from the God's House Players.

TYPE OF MESSAGE: Oleson's messages are based on sections of the Bible

and are sometimes verse-by-verse teachings. They are often part of a

series that is topical and tied to Scripture.

RECENT MESSAGE: Earlier in the year Oleson taught through the book of

I John. More recently his messages have been part of a series titled,

"Bad Girls of the Bible."

UPCOMING MESSAGE: "The Jesus Revolution," will look at the ways Jesus

transforms a person's life, spirit and relationships, the culture and the


DRESS: Jeans and shorts. Jeans are typical. The church is known for

being body art friendly.

VISITOR INFORMATION/HOSPITALITY: Cafe-style tables are set up to

provide a place for socializing, enjoying coffee and good food before and

after the worship service.

CHURCH AND OUTREACH PROGRAMS: Several small groups, called The

Gathering, meet throughout the week in various locations. The Creative

Arts Gathering and a middle school youth group also meet during the week.

People from the church sometimes get together and make sandwiches that

they take out and distribute to the homeless in Huntington Beach. The

church is one of 10 to 12 Huntington Beach churches that sponsor the

Easter sunrise service at Pier Pavilion.

CHURCH BUILDING: The Student Center at Huntington Beach High School is

transformed into God's House with a cranking sound system, a stage, stage

lights, a video projector and candles.

MISSION STATEMENT: "We are out to follow Jesus and do what he did."

VALUES: Diversity, authenticity, creativity and truth.

INTERESTING NOTE: God's House is committed to being "ancient truth

translated, love made real" and is "body art friendly." Also, the videos

shown on Sundays are written and produced by church members.

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