Delaying until March 2004 a good move I agree with...

August 22, 2002

Delaying until March 2004 a good move

I agree with the Huntington Beach City Council decision to delay

the vote on council districts until the March, 2004 election. The

initiative promoted by Scott Baugh and his cronies is really a

stealth effort to ensure a city government more to the liking of the

special interests they represent. It is a "wolf" dressed in the

"sheep's clothing" of electoral reform. Those circulating the


petitions failed to disclose the consequences that would result if

this initiative was passed, or the identities of the special

interests that are promoting it.

Delaying the vote would allow voters time to study and learn the

true nature of this initiative. I strongly support true reform.

District election of council members is an excellent idea that

deserves our support. Reducing the number of council members is a

phony reform. It is a transparent attempt by some special interests

to make it easier for themselves to influence and control city



Huntington Beach

Yes, the city council was right to delay the vote on redistricting

until November. I think it should be permanently delayed. We are so

happy to at last have a city council that is not in the developers

pocket. Thank you Debbie Cook and Connie Boardman. This districting

will return us to the old boys network and we will once again be in

the developers pocket and every spare piece of land in Huntington

Beach will be built on if it isn't already.


Huntington Beach

Welcome back to city politics Sullivan

I was thrilled to see that former Mayor Dave Sullivan is going to

run again for the council. He was one of the most effective,

knowledgeable and caring city council people Huntington Beach has

elected in the past years. We have him to thank for many quality of

life things we enjoy in Huntington Beach. One of his innovations,

while in office, was his motion to have Central Library open on

Sundays, from 1 to 5 p.m. The parking lot at Central Library is

packed on Sundays, It was an idea that needed to be implemented. Good

luck Councilman Sullivan. You've been missed.


Huntington Beach

Let's judge Sullivan by his enemies

The city editor hit the nail on the head with her column last week

on "The Feisty Irishman."

Although I don't always agree when Dave Sullivan speaks, I know

I'm hearing what he honestly thinks when he talks. And I don't have

to wade through a lot of useless verbosity to figure out his meaning.

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