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Appeal filed in council suit

August 29, 2002

has no questions or comments regarding the report, the plan will go

before the Planning Commission.

Last year, the group Citizens Against Redevelopment challenged the

deal between the city and developer CIM on three legal points. In

November, a court ruled in favor of the city on two disclosure issues

and in favor of the citizens group on the issue that a state

debt-limitation law was violated. The ruling forced the city to scale


back the project.

The project is not required to be forwarded to the City Council

for final approval.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in Room B-8 in the lower level

of City Hall.

Information: Associate City Planner Ricky Ramos, (714) 536-5271.

-- Jose Paul Corona

Conflict-of-interest bill passes into law

A bill introduced by Surf City Assemblyman Tom Harman that

strengthens conflict-of-interest laws for public officials was

approved by Gov. Gray Davis on Monday.

Harman, a former Huntington Beach councilman, proposed Assembly

Bill 1797 after former Mayor Dave Garofalo's conviction in January of

one felony and 15 misdemeanors stemming from conflict-of-interest


The bill specifies that any public official who has a financial

stake in a decision that goes before him or her for a vote must

completely disclose the exact nature of the conflict. After the

conflict is disclosed, that official must recuse himself or herself

from either discussing or voting on the matter. Public officials

would also be required to leave the room when the matter is being

discussed or voted on.

Possible conflicts of interest include stock holdings, real estate

ownership or personal income generated from a business operated by a

public official.

-- Jose Paul Corona

Mobile home dispute program created

Huntington Beach residents who live in mobile home parks and have

problems with their neighbors now have somewhere to turn.

The Huntington Beach Mobile Home Advisory Board has created the

Dispute Resolution Program, which provides residents with help in

solving park-related problems.

With 18 mobile home parks in the city, there is a high turnover

rate of park residents, and many of those residents don't know that

there is a Mobile Home Advisory Board, said Steve Holtz, city staff

liaison to the board.

Whether it's a problem with park management or neighbors, park

residents are often confused about whom to contact regarding

disputes, Holtz said.

"Residents don't know how to go about getting issues resolved," he


The board can help them resolve those issues, Holtz said. Mobile

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