Water's cooling off, but the surfing isn't

October 31, 2002


Fall is here, and already we're starting to see the change of the


We have a shift from south swells to northwest swells with the

storms tracking up north. The water temperature has dropped and is

hovering around the 60s.

And the definite call has been the full-suit again, although I see


a few holdouts still wearing their spring suits. The early morning

offshore winds have even contributed to the wind chill factor in the


But all in all, it's been pretty nice, and the waves have been

pretty fun.

I was talking to my buddy Perry Putnum, formerly of Huntington

Beach and now residing on Kauai. He says they've been picking up a

couple 20-foot-plus swells over there already, and some of the outer

reefs have been breaking.

Those of you who know Perry, know he's a big wave charger, with

lots of big wave guns to ride. He says it's a humbling experience to

see old Mother Nature get so giant out there. Sometimes, you even

have to wait for the surf to drop a bit before you can paddle out.

You gotta be in pretty good shape, too, just so you don't drown.

Perry also said he saw Surf City pro Branden Tipton over there

just a while back ripping it up. So, the islands are picking it up

and what's leftover hits our West Coast.

Speaking of Hawaii, the next two events on the World Tour are

there, the Rip Curl Cup at Sunset Beach Nov. 24 to Dec. 7 and the

X-box Pipeline Masters at the Banzai Pipeline Dec. 8 through 24.

News Flash:

Aussie Taj Burrow is tearing it up in the 2- to 3-foot-plus surf

in Brazil and has put another notch on his victory belt, taking a

close one over fellow Aussie Mick Fanning. The two new schoolers were

battling it out. Taj took it with an eight point ride in the final.

The win has boosted Taj to No. 3 in the world standings. No. 1 in the

standings, Hawaiian Andy Irons, lost to Taj in the quarterfinals, and

No. 2 in the world standings, Australian Luke Egan, lost to Mick in

the quarters.

The U.S.' Shea Lopez is 10th, Hawaiian Kalani Robb 11th, Corey

Lopez 12th and C.J. and Damien Hobgood 13th and 14th, while Kelly

Slater is 15th.

Hawaii should be the true test for the next world champ. We'll

have to wait and see.

The last event of the Foster's Cup Tour was the O'Neill Cold Water

Classic up at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz last weekend.

The surf was small by standards for up north, at 2 to 4 feet,

'cause the Lane can be macking if the right northwest swell hits.

There were some good rights off the point though, with a couple

connecters in the mid-50-degree water.

The Santa Cruz contingency claimed it, with former world tour

surfer Adam Replogle blazing to the win. Anthony Ruffo, veteran

backside ripper of Steamer's, placed second.

The air show was won by San Diego's Eric McHenry, who busted a

couple sick airs in the final and won the event and the whole series,


A few of the brave Huntington locals made the trek up north,

getting to the semis. Placing equal seventh was Huntington Beach High

whiz kid Brett Simpson.

That ends the high school team's 2002 season. The United States

Surfing Federation is next up, with an event at Pleasure Point, Santa

Cruz this weekend.

Brrrrr, that's it for now, see ya!

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