Steve Ray: City should be better for residents

October 31, 2002


Name: Steve Ray

Age: 53

Occupation: Business owner

Family: Wife Shan; daughter Tiffany; son Stephen.

Community Activities: Current member of the Huntington Beach

Citizen Participation Advisory Board; member of the Bolsa Chica Land


Trust; member of the Ocean Outfall Group.

Education: Studied government and classical civilization at the

University of Texas in Austin; degree from Alice Lloyd College.

Favorite leader: Cesar Chavez and Lech Walesa.

Contact information: (714) 848-0333;



I oppose the districting initiative for five reasons. Less

representation for residents. Currently, we can vote for all seven

council members. Under this plan, we only get to vote for one,

meaning less choice and less representation. Currently, any resident

can approach any of the seven council members and expect to get a

hearing because he can actually vote for or against them. Under this

plan, if a resident can't get a hearing with the district member, he

will have very little chance of getting one with any other council


It will result in "pork barrel" politics and make it more

difficult to get things done, costing the taxpayers more money.

Council members will start trading favors and votes to bring

something home for their districts. I questions the motives of the

outside special interests who are behind this initiative, who want to

allow for unchecked development of our coastal and environ-

mental resources.


I support Proposition 50. As a longtime supporter of saving all of

the Bolsa Chica, I support the fair-market price acquisition of the

mesa from the private and public owners using Proposition 50 funds. I

also support Proposition 50 because it will protect and enhance

critical water systems and supply clean water for all areas of



Huntington Beach needs to address development and redevelopment

needs. The "development at any cost" (to the taxpayers) strategy of

past City Councils must be abandoned -- permanently. The abuse of

"eminent domain" for commercial redevelopment must end. I propose a

"smart development" approach, with full citizen input, that will

place emphasis on the quality of life of our residents, enhance our

tax base, and provide good paying jobs to enable our residents to

work and live here.

That approach includes: Appointing a Citizens Task Force to draft

a "strategic plan" to define our growth and development objectives

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