C. Jim Moreno: Future-minded leadership

October 31, 2002


Name: C. Jim Moreno

Age: 57

Occupation: Health care administrator

Family: Wife Rosemary; four daughters -- Lisa, Leah,

Laura and Tori.

Community Activities: Chair, Huntington Beach City Citizens


Participation Advisory Board;. Paralysis Project of America; Golf

Tournament Committee, for annual event at Sea Cliff Country Club;

California Highway Patrol Community Advisory Board.

Education: Bachelor's from Cal State Long Beach; master's from Cal

State Northridge.

Favorite Leader: Teddy Roosevelt.

Contact information: (714) 892-3939;



I think the proposal before the community to split the city into

five council districts is mean-spirited and not formulated with the

best interest of the citizens in mind. This matter should be debated

by the City Council and the facts analyzed and a solution developed

that provides for equal and honest representation. This specific

initiative is transparent and obviously supported by very special



I wholeheartedly support Proposition 50. This is not to say that

it may not have flaws, but it does provide our community the

opportunity to receive the funding to get the Bolsa Chica matter

behind us. Since my college days studying the local ecology, Bolsa

Chica has been at the forefront of political activity in this region.

We need to pass Proposition 50 and move on. I would hasten to say

that the majority of the residents in Huntington Beach have this same



After listening to my neighbors while walking precincts, I would

summarize by saying that our city needs economic development. They

want jobs and businesses that will hire our residents, make the trip

to work shorter and keep our commerce here in town. Local jobs and

business development will certainly enhance the quality of life in

our city.

Building a few hotels and upscale neighborhoods will not keep our

economy moving at the rate necessary. We need to bolster our small

businesses and get people to work locally. The city will not survive

with a strictly residential tax base and continued poor planning.

What Huntington Beach needs is a good balance with commercial

development to improve our economy.


Beach water quality is of great concern to me. If elected, I would

work with neighboring cities to make certain they have a good

appreciation of the runoff during storm seasons and the effect on our


I also think all must be done to guarantee proper treatment of

sewage that Huntington Beach receives through the outfall. All this

is the result of the regional growth Southern California has

experienced over the past 20 to 30 years. These problems have now

come home to roost, and as a city leader I would work to secure a

safe and healthy beach.


I strongly feel that the largest issue facing Huntington Beach is

the need to select strong leaders. The council members elected this

Nov. 5 will most likely guide the city through the remainder of this


Selecting representatives with experience and leadership qualities

to get the city through the challenges ahead is the biggest issue

Huntington Beach has to face. A past council member indicated that

the current candidate campaign rhetoric is the same as that heard

more than 40 years ago.

I want to work with the residents of Huntington Beach to solve

problems and secure the future of our city.

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