Brian Garland: Time of transition, renewal

October 31, 2002


Name: Brian Garland

Age: 62

Occupation: Teacher, administrator, retired principal

Family: Elaine, wife of 39 years; children Scott and Deborah;

three grandchildren.

Community activities: 25 years as an elected trustee for


Huntington Beach City School District; chairman, State Principals

Committee Assn. California School Administrators.

Education: Bachelor's in education from Northeastern Illinois

University; master's from Cal State Long Beach.

Favorite leaders: Winston Churchill and Harry Truman.

Contact info: (714) 962-1895;



Safety of our students while at school and in their community must

be the highest priority for the entire community. Schools reflect a

microcosm of the neighborhoods they serve. All school personnel must

be vigilant to circumstances that appear to endanger our students.

Each school needs an emergency response team to react quickly when an

emergency situation develops. Rules of student behavior need to be

firm and fair and communicated often to students and parents. When

rules are broken, consequences need to be applied on an individual

basis to the offending individual.

Every parent and student needs to have the confidence that while

at school they are surrounded by an island of safety. Students can

then concentrate on learning without the worry of injury. This will

require all members of our school working together in concert with

community agencies. Schools need to practice their response with the



Students will receive the best possible education when every

classroom is staffed with a fully credentialed, caring teacher in a

positive learning environment. Student's progress can only be

possible when the materials being tested are in alignment with what

is being taught. Too often the statewide testing program does not

reflect the local curriculum as determined by the professional staff

and the board of trustees. In my opinion, statewide "off the shelf"

is not an accurate method to validate the quality of our schools. Our

public schools do so much more than is evaluated by the

state-mandated testing program.

Legitimate student testing should be a valuable tool for our

classroom teacher to diagnose and prescribe learning strategies to

maximize student progress. Parents, students and teachers all have

worked diligently to "raise the bar" for all students. Preparing for

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