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October 31, 2002

really is at a higher level of consciousness, and even though he's

just 20 years old, he seems as though he's been around for a thousand


Campbell says that while his spiritual self was always there, it

was just a matter of recognizing it in himself.

His spiritual journey took him through a couple of different

religions. He went to Catholic church, Sunday school and served as an


altar boy. He still respects the religion, he said, adding that he

related to plenty of things that were said in the Bible.

But still, his spiritual thirst was "not satisfied."

He studied jiu-jitsu and began meditation, which was "all I needed

to do in the first place," he said.

While in middle school, Campbell even dipped into Wicca, an

earth-based, nature-centered religion. American Wicca University says

is it is built around the use of positive thought and action and love

of nature to create an atmosphere of positive energies that are then

used for our own benefits.

"I think it is a beautiful, misunderstood religion," Campbell

said. "What Wicca got me in touch with was the balance of my

masculine and feminine energy and to realize how beautiful and

wonderful the earth is.

"I used one particular meditation that I still use today," he

said. "That meditation was the first to bring me deep inside myself,

to an astral plane, and I will never forget that experience.

"After Wicca, which lasted about a year, I started to realize that

all I needed to do was to mediate, and I started experiencing

wonderful mediations, started to actually feel the earth's energy and

I realized how I already had tons of natural abilities to manipulate

energy and use it to positively change me and to help others with

themselves," he said."

Campbell said that reiki has opened many doors for him and is part

of his spiritual practice.

"The ability to do reiki is a natural ability that can be

performed by anyone who is taught and attuned to reiki," he said.

"Usually, during an attunement, one would have a spiritual


Campbell said he also can "read" a person.

"It's all about feeling the person's energy, which is pretty

easy," he said. "During a session -- or even without a session --

because my body is so sensitive to energy, I can read what the

person's energy field is like: how they are, what happened to them in

the past, what is possible in the future, things like that.

"Sometimes I see colors, which we call a person's 'aura.' It's

pretty cool when it happens."

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