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A healing nudge

January 09, 2003

And readers, he said, expect that "you'll be fair, even if you are

biased; accurate and precise, even when the facts are muddled;

thoughtful, even if you don't have all the answers."

When I first heard those lists, I thought they might be good

reasons never to get out of bed in the morning again. But I think

they are some of those right words in the right order. A nudge. And

in this column, I try to live up to them.


Some of you from time to time write to tell me you think I do. You

tell me this column inspires you. You say it makes you think. You

have said it shows compassion for those who struggle to live a decent

life in a complex and, sometimes, bewildering world. For your words

and for the time you take to write them -- for the nudge to keep on

writing -- I thank you.

If I nudge you, I hope it's to this: Look for the truth. And don't

twist it. Be thoughtful. Be fair. Don't cause harm and don't offend,

unnecessarily. Hold back a harsh word. Offer a kind one. Nudge the

world. Go ahead. Nudge the world a little. Nudge it for the better.

* MICHELE MARR is a freelance writer from Huntington Beach. She

can be reached at

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