Fireworks debate is not important

March 13, 2003

Elaine Turnbull

I can't believe the public is so incensed about not having fireworks

in Huntington Beach. We have many more important issues facing us

than that. Also, I'm sure we can find better ways than shooting off

firecrackers to show our patriotic support for "our sons and

daughters serving in harms way in the Middle East" as Barry L.

Williams put it (Sounding Off, March 6.)


My husband and I remember when we had fireworks shot off the end

of the pier in the past. We took our young daughters to the beach to

watch them and spent most of our time trying to avoid the cherry

bombs being thrown by rowdy beach-goers. Some of them were even

thrown from the beach into the nearby restaurant, which at that time

was Maxwells.

I do believe having the fireworks would significantly increase the

cost of police presence in the area, and we have many more important

needs within the city that could be funded with this money. In

addition, by having the fireworks in a large, difficult to supervise

area, we would again encourage the rowdy, destructive and dangerous

behaviors of the past that we have finally gotten under control.

We can certainly celebrate the Fourth of July with our wonderful

parade that is one of the best in the country and brings great credit

and good publicity to our community. Then, in the evening, anyone who

absolutely must see fireworks can drive to a nearby town to view


* ELAINE TURNBULL is a Huntington Beach resident. To contribute

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