Surfing should not be banned at state beaches...

September 04, 2003

Surfing should not be banned at state beaches

Surfing should not be prohibited at Huntington State beaches. I

don't know about windsurfing and kite surfing, but I believe they

don't mix very well. Maybe windsurfing and kite surfing could be

modified because they're either really big or can travel really fast.

Surfing is much more controlled. Good surfers wear leashes, and

they're smaller and they go slower.



Huntington Beach

This is the most absurd question you could ask to Huntington

Beach. Surfing and windsurfing and kite surfing shouldn't be stopped

at any public beaches.


Huntington Beach

I've been a resident of Huntington Beach for 15 years and I've

been surfing and windsurfing at Bolsa Chica for 15 years, and I do

not believe surfing and windsurfing should be prohibited at the state


I think that they should just do like Seal Beach has done and many

other locations in California have done, simply designate a specific

area which is for surfing, another area for windsurfing, and the rest

for bathers, and that would be employed during the summer hours of

peak use. And during the winter hours, I see no need to have anything

sectioned off because there's not a whole lot of people in the water

anyway. That seems to be a pretty viable solution. It's worked with

many other beach communities and I see no reason why it couldn't work

there. Just between two guard towers would be plenty of space for



Huntington Beach

I am a windsurfer and I sail over at Bolsa Chica occasionally,

mostly at Seal Beach. We didn't seem to have any problems over there

until the kiting came along and I think that's basically where the

danger lies. It's a shame for the kiters, but maybe they should limit

their hours or give them a certain area to be. It is an extremely

dangerous sport. I can tell you that most of the sailers that do

windsurf in that area, they're very experienced and I mean, very good

sailers -- you have to be to sail at Bolsa Chica. It's safer to have

them in the water than the surfers. I mean they're that good. I don't

think they can keep the sailers out of there forever. They'll have to

either restrict the kiting completely or just open up an area like

Seal Beach has. It seems to work real good.


Huntington Beach

Prohibit surfing at state beaches

I'd like to say that the surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing

should be prohibited at Huntington Beach State Beach, especially

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