A thanks to the teachers

October 23, 2003


Jack Weide stopped by our office and he mentioned that his wife, the

noted writer and former teacher B.D.L. Weide, was writing again on a

new computer she just received.

This bit of news gives me hope that Billie will again be writing

those wonderful opinion stories in one of our other Southern

California newspapers.


This got me thinking of how once you becomes a teacher, your love

of writing continues well after retirement from school.

With the coming of the 100th anniversary in November of our

Huntington Beach City Elementary School District, it is a good time

to recall how much we owe the teachers who have taught during those


This week we are going to see how our community said thanks to

these respected pillars of classroom society.

We showed our gratitude on Oct. 20, 1930 when our PTA, our Woman's

Club, our Business Men's Assn. and the Huntington Beach Chamber of

Commerce came together to offer them thanks in a gala reception

inside the city auditorium.

There were more than 100 teachers from Huntington Beach elementary

school and high school who attended that gala that night.

More than 300 teachers and their guests listened as PTA President

Mildred Ridenour welcomed everyone to a night of music, dancing and

an evening of entertainment.

In those days the majority of teachers were single women and so

President Ridenour told the audience that the reason it was easy to

get teachers to come to Huntington Beach was that we offer them a

prize for coming.

No, it was not a monetary prize or a new house or car.

Ridenour meant that our town has the best eligible bachelors in

Orange County and we would be willing to give them as a prize to any

teacher who could win one.

And over the years many did win the hearts of our prize bachelors.

Next on the program came a musical interlude provided by Margaret

Colvin on piano, Roy Larson on cello and Harry Robinson on violin.

After this string trio completed its two musical selections, it

was now Willis Osborn's turn to welcome all on behalf of the Chamber

of Commerce.

This was followed by a welcome by May Jackson from the Woman's

Club and from Howard Hepburn of the Business Men's Assn.

All of the teachers present at this gala were asked to stand while

they were introduced by their superintendent of schools, C.B. Baldwin

for the elementary school and M.C. Jones for the high school.

With all the welcomes concluded, it was time for the entertainment

part of the evening.

George Sugars, local oil operator and president of the Rex Oil

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