What is the biggest issue facing the city? Money. We...

October 14, 2004

What is the biggest issue facing the city?

Money. We must specifically address what my opponents describe as

the budget crisis and what I properly describe as our spending

crisis. Nearly 50% of every dollar we earn is consumed in cumulative

taxes. Our government is addicted to money. As your representative, I

will "just say no" to new taxes, increases, fees, fines or any other

scheme to increase government revenue. I am the only council


candidate to have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

( Government already confiscates enough of our money.

The size of our government must be reduced to relieve our unrealistic

revenue requirements.

Considering such issues as the sports complex lawsuit and

improperly converted condominiums, do you agree with criticism that

the city has been mismanaged? How would you run the city better?

Blame and responsibility for the ongoing problems continually

arising at City Hall can all be traced back to a single source. You

and me, "We the people." The government is us and we are the

government. If we continue to elect the same people supported by the

same political action committees and other "big government"

organizations year after year, it should be no surprise to anyone

that we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. There

is an old saying in politics. "Follow the money." Money is the

mother's milk of politics. This money inevitably causes politicians

to become beholden to contributors. It is for this reason I have

refused to accept even one dime of financial support. Admittedly this

makes my campaign much more difficult, but clearly I am no one's

puppet. No one pulls my strings. There will be no quid quo pro. I am

free to raise the spending issues the other candidates won't touch

with a 10-foot pole. If we expect government to behave differently,

we must learn to elect representatives who demonstrate an ability to

perform differently. An example of doing things differently: All of

my campaign signs were recycled from Measure E signs from the March

primary election and were repainted with spray paint realizing, a

savings of over $4,000. Send a Firecracker to City Hall and get more

bang for your tax bucks.

Given that the future of the Bolsa Chica still is unclear, what is

your position on development on the upper portion of the mesa and

other environmental issues facing the city?

Any city government discussion about Bolsa Chica issues are

irrelevant. We might as well talk about development in Disneyland or

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