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Former volunteer files vet complaint

October 14, 2004

specialize in animal behavior. The volunteers have no training or


They were just getting "too involved," Dorney said.

"We are not asking for much here," Hunter said. "We know that when

there are so many dogs in one place, it's going to be filled with

poop. But we're talking about diarrhea-filled kennels for days and

food crawling with maggots.


"The animals need a dry, clean place and more importantly, food

and water."

Among the many other letters attached with the complaint was one

from Elizabeth Lubin. The Huntington Beach resident wrote about the

veterinarians' alleged sloppy surgery on her adopted dog.

When Lubin brought the animal home, the dog's incision opened up,

and she had to take it to another doctor, who was alarmed at the

inadequate manner in which the incision was closed, Lubin wrote.

"When I called AAA to complain about the suffering [my dog] went

through because of their sloppy work, they stated I should have

brought her back in, and they would have closed the incision at no

extra charge," Lubin wrote. Botros insisted that technicians in the

hospital take X-rays and give medication to animals.

"I don't let them do surgeries," he said. "Surgeries are performed

by the vets. I'm not stupid."

The Veterinary Medical Board conducted an inspection of the

facilities in September 2001 after some complaints, Botros said.

"They're welcome to come in and inspect again," he said.

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