Thief targets IDs, cars Personal identifications and...

October 14, 2004

Thief targets IDs, cars

Personal identifications and credit cards were targeted in

multiple thefts in the Huntington Harbour area between Sunday night

and Monday morning, police said.

Police have no suspects in the six thefts, which were reported in

the area surrounded by Pacific Coast Highway, Warner Avenue, Bolsa

Chica Street and Edinger Avenue. In all of the crimes, items such as


credit cards, driver's licenses and checkbooks were reported stolen

out of the victims' cars. Police believe the thief was laying the

groundwork to commit fraud.

"It appears that the suspects were looking for identification

information so they could use someone's ID or fraudulently purchase

stuff," Sgt. Dave Bunetta said.

Vehicular burglary is a relatively common crime in Huntington

Beach, but the nature of the cases have changed so that burglars

often steal items that can make it possible to commit identity theft.

"Five, 10 years ago people were stealing stereos and laptop

computers out of cars," Bunetta said. "Now they're looking for

documents, paperwork or credit cards."

Police advise residents not to leave their wallets, checkbooks or

any personal information in their cars overnight.

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