What is the biggest issue facing the city? Soft...

October 14, 2004

What is the biggest issue facing the city?

Soft money and dirty water

Considering such issues as the sports complex lawsuit and

improperly converted condominiums, do you agree with criticism that

the city has been mismanaged?

No. The Council has done the best they could with what we've given

them for the most part. No one can run it better until soft money is


banned from our elections -- period.

Given that the future of the Bolsa Chica still is unclear, what is

your position on development on the upper portion of the mesa and

other environmental issues facing the city?

The citizens have made it clear -- save the entire Bolsa Chica.

The most endangered habitat in California is not wetlands ... it is

wetlands with an adjacent upland! We just spent $79 million on the

wetland, are we gonna ruin it by developing the upper bench? I think

not! Other important eco issues are the destructive and polluting

"single-pass" cooling system at AES and the restoration at Big Shell


What direction do you think development -- such as the Strand,

Pacific City, Bella Terra and a third hotel proposed between the

Hilton Waterfront and Hyatt -- should be headed in the city?

The time has come for our city to stop growing in quantity and

start growing in quality -- as in "quality of life."

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