Rohrabacher support seems hypocritical It's so...

October 14, 2004

Rohrabacher support seems hypocritical

It's so hypocritical, I just think, that he is proposing this.

He's been against illegal immigrants, and it's so cynical how we are

so anti-immigrant at this time with terrorism and everything, but at

the same we are wanting them to run for president. It just makes me

furious that Dana Rohrabacher can't help an immigrant out that comes

over the border, but at the same we can help an immigrant out that's


been here 20 years and was elected governor because he was the

"Terminator" in the movies.

I really think that when it comes time to elect a new governor it

will be a different outcome, but I know that's a different topic. I

just feel that it's just ridiculous and I don't think they should

pass it at this time. We're all so afraid and scared about terrorism

and people coming from other countries, I just don't think at this

time it's right.


Huntington Beach

Political signs need a little toning down

I recently telephoned the city of Huntington Beach with regard to

what the perimeters were for political signs in a residential area.

Needless to say they have none -- the only thing they did say is that

they have 15 days after elections to remove sign. The person I spoke

to was aware of the sign in question -- you can't miss it at the end

of Slater and Graham Street. Not only is it large, it is up in the

air tied to two trees making it obtrusive to say the least,

especially if you live on that corner.

The city said perhaps they would call Mr. "Firecracker" Westwell

and see if he would remove the sign. Mr. "Firecracker" Westwell

called me and informed me the reason it was so high was to keep

people from stealing his sign and he had no intention of lowering nor

removing sign. He doesn't have to look at this sign for 60 more days

-- it's in our view from our backyard, from our bedroom, from our


This man is running for a public office -- in fact two -- and he

can't even be responsive and listen to a concerned voter regarding

his sign what will he do if elected?

I wish this sign could be in the mayor's neighborhood or any of

the council members, then perhaps they will look into having

regulations regarding political signs. They should have size

limitations and height restrictions.

We need people who will listen and be responsive to represent our

city and our schools. Remember that on election day.


Huntington Beach

Few changes would make Fourth freer

A few weeks ago you offered the question to the readers about how

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