These people were arrested on suspicion of driving under...

October 14, 2004

These people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the

influence of an intoxicant. They have only been arrested on suspicion

of a crime and are considered innocent until proved guilty.

Alex Teague, 28, Huntington Beach

Keanna L. Warren, 28, Moreno Valley

Theresa S. Galindo-Salisbury, 38, Westminster

Craig M. McCabe, 57, Newport Beach


Stacie L. Bray, 43, Huntington Beach

Rayton E. Reed, 34, Long Beach

James J. Duwe, 19, Huntington Beach

John R. Chambers, 33, Colorado

Charles P. Brunson, 35, Huntington Beach

Andrea R. Miller, 20, Fullerton

David A. Clymer, 35, Huntington Beach

Keith G. Coronado, 28, Huntington Beach

Christian T. Lugo, 23, Westminster

Javier Balbuena, 29, Huntington Beach

Alvin P. Gerk, 26, Huntington Beach

Renee P. Mitchell, 45, Anaheim

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