Bad question belies newspaper ignorance Shame on the...

August 04, 2005

Bad question belies newspaper ignorance

Shame on the Independent for the questions proposed to its readers

in the July 28 edition. The question next week should be, "Do you

think that Poseidon has succeeded in compromising the Independent's

independence?" The question -- "Given a choice between treated sewer

water and treated sea water, which would you drink? And why?" -- has

little to do with Huntington Beach. The Independent is now a purveyor


of fear and ignorance. Poseidon's water will not be used in

Huntington Beach. The reverse osmosis process used by the Orange

County Sanitation District will produce water purer than the water we

drink today.

The Independent should be promoting the conservation of our

resources and enlightening people so that they rise above their fears

and prejudices. Shame on you.


Huntington Beach

Question is another piece to lost integrity

A choice between treated sewer water and treated sea water --

which would I drink?

Come on. The media has lost enough integrity over the last year or

two. You add to it? Or don't journalistic ethics count anymore?

Slanted question? Absolutely.

It is also an insult to our astronauts who must live with treated

sewage. I have no problem drinking treated sewage water, nor do I

have a problem drinking treated sea water, seeing as all the water on

this planet is always being recirculated and treated by nature.

I guess we all drink treated sewage water, but that truism

wouldn't stand in the way of someone with an agenda.


Huntington Beach

Question not about facts in desal debate

Your question is skewed. The average person would never choose to

drink treated sewer water. How about asking: Would your support for a

desalination plant be affected if you knew that Huntington Beach

would never receive the water? How about: Would you support the

building of a desalination plant if the water ended up costing two to

three times more than water obtained locally? The bottom line is that

before we build such an expensive and questionable desalination

plant, we ought to look at other less expensive and intrusive

methods. (How about dealing with the inconvenience of 10 miles of

pipe being installed along our city streets?) Let's have a real

debate about this issue. For more facts, please visit



Huntington Beach

Desal plant not the

right beachfront fit

Your article about the proposed desalination plant in the July 21

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