Settlement in truck accident

September 22, 2005|By:

A Huntington Beach man badly injured in a 2003 accident was awarded a

settlement of more than $12 million for his injuries.

Ngoc Nguyen, 42, suffered brain trauma after he was thrown from

his bucket truck when a construction vehicle hit it in Irvine, said

Nguyen's attorney, Ned Reilly.

Nguyen was repairing a traffic signal when his vehicle was hit by

a driver working for the El Modeno Gardens company, Reilly said.


After the accident, Nguyen was in a coma for 22 days, Reilly said.

Nguyen is recovering and going through rehabilitation at his home,

where his wife cares for him. Because of his injuries, Nguyen will

never work again, Reilly said.

According to the terms of the settlement, Nguyen will receive $4

million up front and $13,000 each month for the rest of his life,

Reilly said. Nguyen will also receive large bulk sums every five

years, Reilly said.

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