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SOCCER Coast Soccer League Girls under 9...

September 28, 2005|By:

Spongebobs 1, SurferGirls 1: Team Spongebob played with alot of

heart Saturday. Abbey Picket waited till the fourth period to score

the tying goal. The defense led by Natalie Molstad, Taylor Long and

Hailey Smith was stingy all afternoon. Sophia Jefferies and Haley

Cleveland showed tremendous hustle. Savanna Baron, Regan Rutterand

Laura Mariano played their mid field positions to perfection. Amanda

Sheppard was a wall in the goal.


Boys under 10

Green Geckos 3, Blue Marlins 3:

Antonio Rossi had solid saves in the first half for the Geckos.

Peter Conde passed to Riley Gaddis who scored the goal that tied the

game at the half. In the second half, Will Hinkleman scored the

Geckos second goal on a break away from a goalie kick from Patrick

Halle. Adam Armbruster played a solid defensive game and passed well.

In the third quarter, Riley Gaddis scored the third goal for the

Geckos. David Esquibel and Joe Janssen moved the ball well the entire

game. Charlie Crook had several saves in the fourth quarter.

Tigers 4, Tidalwaves 4: Tigers Jehu Jogwe and Max Gamboa scored

the goals, being assisted by Parker Young and Duke Walker. Helping

with offense was Cole Chambers, Jonathan Jenkins and John Redoutey.

TJ Tarazevits, Sawyer Farmer, and Austin Lemoine played defense. Luke

Mueller and Daniel Pham made several goalkeeper stops.

Quiksilver 5, Arsenal 0:

The Quiksilver team had goals from Campbell D'Eliscu, Zach

Buggeln, and Brandon Rawsonin the forst half. The Quiksilver defense

of Rory Fleming, Alex Kerr, Mike Lugo, Daniel Ross and David Schaefer

managed to keep the ball from nearing the goal. Cole Sorensen and

Kyle Zimmerman helped goalie Bobby Kearns keep the Aresenalsfrom


Girls under 8

Green Lime Leopards vs. Yellow Jackets:

Courtney Cunningham, Sydney Cole and Peyton Espley-Jones played

well on offense. Paris Pratt and Emma Griffith used their speed and

good passing ability in midfield. Hayley Taggart and Erin O'Conner

played solid defense. Emily Halphide was strong at goalkeeper and

stopped several shots.

Blue Angels, Surfer Girls: Strong offense was played by Karly

Kilmer, Isabella Navarretta, Emma Robertson, Megan Keys and Lauren

Loucks. The Angels' goal was well defended by the strong defensive

play of Amanda Lacher, Reilly McVey, Emily Peschong and the goalies

Aolani Torrey and Delany Kording.

Boys under 8

Predators, Orange Crush: Avery Rowe opened the scoring for The

Predators with two goals followed by the first of two by the skillful

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