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Killer teen wails as jury reads 'guilty' verdict

July 18, 2008|By Michael Alexander

“If she holds her down as Ian Allen stabs her, there’s no need for personal use of the weapon,” she said. “If she hands Ian Allen the knife, there’s no need for personal use of the weapon. There were multiple theories the jury had to consider.”

But Mullenix’s lawyer, David Cohn, said he still believed his client’s story.

“The evidence in this trial from the defense perspective is everything I know about this case,” he said. “The closing argument I made was sincere.”

He said he didn’t know about any appeals Mullenix might make, as he wasn’t an appeals lawyer and wouldn’t be handling them.


Balleste said she thought Mullenix’s appearance at the sentencing was one last bit of manipulation.

“I thought the pigtails were true Rachael to the end, trying to tell everyone, ‘You’re going to convict a little girl,’” she said.

Mullenix will be sentenced on Sept. 5; her conviction carries a sentence of 25 years to life.

Allen, 23, is scheduled for a trial in August, also to be prosecuted by Balleste.

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