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Musical connections

Anomie Belle writes poetic songs about societal issues in American culture. She’ll perform at Detroit Bar.

November 19, 2008|By Ashley Breeding

“I didn’t release anything during that time because I was undergoing a big stylistic shift,” she said. “I had to learn a lot around technology to get proficient in the type of music I am doing now.”

She said her biggest influences are music producers, as well as artists like Radiohead and Beck.

“I am inspired by artists who have the whole picture in mind and create it themselves,” she said.

When she’s not performing solo, Anomie Belle is an electronic, trip-hop trio with Anna-Lynn Williams (who’s recorded a track with the Chemical Brothers, among other artists) and Aileen Paron. They are occasionally joined by saxophonist Bryan Smith.

Anomie Belle will play at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa during her West Coast album tour Tuesday, with Little Dragon and United by Sound.


“This is my first time performing at Detroit Bar, and I’m really excited to play with Little Dragon. It’s always fun to play with bands you respect and admire,” she said.


WHAT: Anomie Belle

WHEN: 9 p.m. Tuesday

WHERE: Detroit Bar, 843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa.

INFORMATION: $15 cover charge, call (949) 642-0600 or visit or for information.

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