Bolsa Chica project approval was all wet

June 11, 2009

Once again, I watched with disappointment as our City Council paved the way for more development in open spaces in Huntington Beach (“Council approves Bolsa Chica development,” June 4).

This time, they refused to even extend the debate further until a more updated environmental impact report could be completed.

No, why wait for further debate when the council is obviously in the pocket of the developers? They have always steamrolled the council in this city, at least for the past 12 years I have lived here.

It makes one wonder what kind of back room deals have taken place when absurd decisions like these are made.

Once again, we are cramming homes in an area where development is highly questionable, and we are destroying habitat and open space.


The public relations campaign by Shea was laudable, however. They attempted to coerce homeowners into believing that they will be taken out of flood zones and have their insurance premiums lowered sharply or eliminated completely. Luckily for them, no one will remember that empty promise when the hammers start flying on this debacle.

How much money does Shea Homes stand to make on this development? Our City Council has sold us out, negatively affected our quality of life and home values, and for what, exactly?

Bravo to Councilwoman Jill Hardy, who once again shows her independence from the development crowd, and a tip of the cap again to the Bolsa Chica Land Trust and true community leaders like Connie Boardman and Flossie Horgan. It’s nice to know that we have some real leadership in this city, rather than the all too accommodating collection of “development friendly” council members we have in Huntington Beach. I wonder what the council, I mean the developers, have planned next?

Hopefully there’s more kindness in Huntington

Regarding “Donor helps replace funds,” June 4:

What a marvelous thing to do: making up for part of the money lost for the children’s library. I wonder if the person who defrauded the event will feel any remorse on seeing that other people recognize the need and are more caring.

I wonder if there is another kind soul, or two, who would help me to avoid closing our little library in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

More than 100 young girls are able to attend school with money sent by sponsors here and even in Canada.

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