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A farewell from the Rev

Avenged Sevenfold drummer leaves demos — and a poignant message — after his untimely death.

February 12, 2010|By Chris Epting

“Although Jimmy was never married (as is often erroneously reported), he had found his true best friend and soul mate, Leana. He had just had eye surgery that let him see without glasses. He called me one morning to tell me the story of not being able to find his glasses, wanting to know what time it was, realizing he could see the clock, and watching it for 10 minutes!

“Jimmy had just bought a condo and a new car, finally acknowledging that he was doing well as a musician. He had also spent a lot of time with his friends and family, especially over the holidays. Jimmy and Leana were Beauty and the Beast for Halloween, he sang Irish songs with the extended Sullivan family on Thanksgiving, and he asked for and received a ‘decorative chicken’ (crazy Jimmy randomness) for Christmas!”

Barbara shares a photo from this past Halloween, taken just several feet from where we sit this evening in the living room. It is a beautiful image of a vibrant couple.


And she continues. “Most important to him, Jimmy had just finished writing songs for Avenged Sevenfold’s new album — he even called one his ‘masterpiece.’ When he wrote songs, he would record tracks of his singing, playing the piano and drumming — then, when he played them for me, he would sing the orchestra or guitar parts that would be added later. I am thankful that I got to tell him how much I liked and admired his music.

“Jimmy wrote some really good songs. I was so proud of him, and I know that even though it will be very hard for them, the band will do a great job getting them recorded soon. Needless to say, these ‘all Jimmy’ recordings are almost impossible for me to listen to yet, but what a blessing to have them.”

Joe Sullivan adds, “We love what the fans have been saying. They’re actually teaching us things about Jimmy with their words and stories. These young people, all over the world, are a real community, and we appreciate all of their good thoughts. Also, we want fans to know how much we love the guys in the band. That brotherhood they have, they gave Jimmy a place to be himself, to create, to be The Rev. What an amazing group of young men — and women, and parents, too. The extended Avenged Sevenfold family is just incredible.”

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