Mailbag: Sunset residents want the chance

June 17, 2010

I just read the letter from Rick Taylor ("Sunset not fit to be on its own," Mailbag, June 3), and wish to provide the following facts concerning Sunset Beach.

First, the Orange County Fire Authority collects taxes from the residents of Sunset Beach. O.C. Fire has an agreement with the city of Huntington Beach where O.C. Fire covers part of Huntington Beach and Huntington Beach covers Sunset Beach. Based on the number of calls, Huntington Beach is getting the better part of the deal.

Second, the county of Orange has allowed a number of new beach cities (such as Dana Point) to incorporate and not require them to take over beach ownership or maintenance. At present, the county pays for 13 public beaches including the Laguna Cove Beach, Capistrano Beach, etc.


Third, our study was supposed to look at various levels of service and new taxes. But at the end of the day, we all understood that the new city would have to take the beach and pay for same.

Fourth, the consultant has confirmed that other new cities can contract for services.

Our numbers speak for themselves. All we ask is to be given a chance to complete the process.


Sunset Beach

Different meanings of word 'public'

Words matter — or, at the very least, should matter. Clearly defined words are our means of communicating. Without them, there would be no rule of law. Take, for example, the word "public." Most persons would have very similar meanings they'd place with that word. We have a common understanding of the word. Nonetheless, the authors (i.e. consultants and city planning staff) of the recently released Poseidon Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) have a very different meaning in mind for "public."

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