Mailbag: Numbers support trustee's statement

September 08, 2010

I am writing in response to your article "Parent challenges candidate statement" (Aug. 26).

The lawsuit was filed against our Orange County Registrar of Voters that fully approved my statement. The suit itself made many far-out claims; none were supported by submitted facts. Only opinions were used to defy logic, as exemplified in my claim of 3,000 missing children. Ocean View School District demographic reports document about 12,200 children aged 5 to 14 living in our district while we only enroll about 9,200.

We hope and pray they are attending school somewhere, but we don't know because we don't count them. One number the superintendent did opine on was a total home-school student count of only 32. The enormous reality of many hundred home-school children completely eludes administration. With one in four of families opting out of our public schools, we have a real opportunity to provide the school setting that will draw them back. But not with Judge Steven L. Perk at the helm.


The ruling by Perk to prohibit candidates from calling out for the community and system to "do better" is wacky. In Judge Perk-land, everybody must apparently claim to do the same or worse today than yesterday. Candidates who stand up and speak up, striving to make things better, will be beaten down with lawsuits until everything is a pale shade of nothing. No wonder 25% of families flee our schools!

Well, I won't be beaten down by judge or jury. I have always stood up for the idea we can all do better. Even in the face of Perk's strange and novel ruling, I will stand in defiance shouting out at every opportunity, "We can do better." And here for the public record, Judge Perk, count on me, "We can do better!"

John Briscoe

Huntington Beach

Note: Briscoe is a trustee with the Ocean View School District.


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