All three incumbents racing for seats

Fountain Valley City Council candidates say economy is biggest problem, according to questionnaire.

September 28, 2010|By Britney Barnes,

Fountain Valley is coming into the home stretch of the November elections with more than three times the number of City Council candidates than there are open seats.

There are 10 candidates running for three opens seats being vacated by Mayor Pro Tem Cheryl Brothers and Councilmen Guy Carrozzo and John Collins, all of whom are running for reelection.

The candidates range from teachers, a small business owner and an insurance broker to two unemployed, one working on getting a job and another a former quality supervisor analyst rendered unable to work by a disability.

They range in age from 26 to 78, but they almost all agree that the biggest issues facing Fountain Valley are the economic situation and the state's budget problems.

Despite the conditions, the three incumbents qualify that the council has taken steps that put the city in a better position than most.


"We are a fiscally conservative, and forward-thinking council, and because of our decisions over the years, Fountain Valley is in a much better position than most other cities dealing with today's economic challenges," Collins said.

The following are brief profiles of the three incumbent candidates in the race based on a questionnaire from the Independent . The remaining seven candidates will be featured next week.

Third times the charm

Brothers has lived in Fountain Valley for more than half of her life and has served on the council for the last eight years, including as mayor in 2006.

The 64-year-old has sat on numerous boards, including the Fountain Valley Community Services and Planning commissions, and holds positions on the Orange County Local Area Formation Commission, Orange County Council of Governments and as the 2010-11 board of trustees president of the Orange County division of the League of Cities.

The city's biggest issues are dealing with the economic downturn, the impact of the state's budget deficit on the city, and high cost of pensions and health-care coverage, she said.

During her time on the council, Brothers worked with the council to reorganize some departments without doing layoffs and negotiated with employees to reduce payroll, she said.

Buffing up business

Carrozzo, a retired school principal, has spent 46 years in Fountain Valley.

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