Mailbag: Candidates not being totally honest

October 13, 2010

Does it bother you when political candidates state one position to one group in order to get their vote and then turn around and say just the opposite to another group to get their vote? This is happening now in the Huntington Beach City Council election. Team Huntington Beach (Connie Boardman, Joe Shaw and Blair Farley) each told an audience of senior citizens at the Michael E. Rodgers Seniors' Center on Sept. 22 that, if the city wins its appeal, as a council person:

1.I will vote to place the new senior center in the Huntington Central Park location approved by voters (Measure T, November 2006 election).

2.I will vote to use developer fees (Quimby Act money) from the Pacific City project up to a maximum of $20 million to pay for building of the voter-approved new senior center.


Contrast these comments with Team Huntington Beach's responses to another group, the Huntington Beach Downtown Residents Assn. Check the candidates' responses on that website (

Boardman: "The Quimby Act money should be used on-site [Pacific City project]...not for a senior center miles away...Rather than constructing a huge new senior center, the city must focus on providing services such as meals on wheels and the noon lunch program."

Fact check: The proposed center is the minimum size to provide for the senior population of Huntington Beach. The size is equivalent to the senior population ratio used in other Orange County cities. The Huntington Beach senior center is providing the services mentioned by Boardman and is considered one of the best in the county in providing these services, in spite of struggling in the most inadequate facility in Orange County.

Shaw: "We cannot seriously consider spending one dollar on a new senior center until we know that programs for seniors will not be eliminated."

Fact check: No senior programs are in danger of being cut. The 2011 city budget was approved Sept. 20…no cuts in senior services.

In my opinion, this tactic by Mr. Shaw is a trick designed to fool the voters and disguise his record of consistent and vocal opposition to a new senior center.

Farley: "I am opposed to using park land at Central Park to construct this Senior Center"

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