Mailbag: Team H.B. not indifferent to seniors

October 27, 2010

Dave Sullivan is not being completely honest in his portrayal of our positions on a senior center in the city ("Candidates not being totally honest on senior center," Mailbag, Oct. 14). During a forum in September, we discussed this issue at length with him and others present. Instead of using our complete answers to all of his questions in his comments, he chose to focus on a brief answer Connie Boardman wrote when she was allowed only 50 words to respond to a three-part question about the senior center.

Connie didn't run for reelection in 2004, in part, because she was caring for her elderly mother, who had Alzheimer's. She currently is coordinating the care for her father. Connie understands the needs of our seniors and needs no lecture from Sullivan about the generation who served us in World War II. Her father is a World War II veteran who received both the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. She understands and appreciates the sacrifices this generation of Americans made at home and overseas.


The city has cut $20 million from its budget over the last two years, and yet Sullivan attacks Joe Shaw because, during this budget crisis, Joe has pledged to protect vital senior services such as meals on wheels, the noon lunch program and the senior transportation program. It is naive to think that just because senior services have not yet been cut, they are safe from future cuts.

Sullivan cites a lack of funds to purchase land outside of Huntington Central Park for a new senior center, but he also fails in his fact check to note that the city does not have the money to build the senior center at all. The complicated deal he approved while on the council allowed for Makar Properties, the developer of the Pacific City project, to manage the senior center project without competitive bids. The project was halted mid-construction.

Frankly, all of this is a history lesson. Without the funds from the developer, there is no project. Instead of focusing on what could have been, we should focus on what could be. The question the next council will face is how we can provide effective senior services within the current budget realities. The focus should be on how funds could be raised using grants, fundraising and sponsorships. Team Huntington Beach has been and will continue fighting for seniors.

Connie Boardman

Blair Farley

Joe Shaw

Huntington Beach

Editor's note: Boardman, Farley and Shaw are running for the City Council this fall under the banner of Team Huntington Beach.


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