Mailbag: Time for cooperation on council

November 10, 2010

Perhaps, with $600,000 spent cumulatively on recent Huntington Beach elections, resulting in some 2 million pieces of campaign mail distributed in favor of or opposition to candidates or issues, the messages, rather than the messengers, might have prevailed ("Council picks likely cemented," Nov. 4). They all appeared to be business people promising something. With all the data and technology at everyone's disposal, the election results are perhaps less a phenomena of the People Have Spoken and more the result of using fear with our residents of what could happen if certain people were elected or if certain initiatives passed or failed.

I like a diverse council; it encourages healthy debate and usually good compromise. We will definitely have one this time. Hopefully, they can learn to legislate together rather than the usual jockeying around for the win at any cost.

In my opinion, the community missed a huge opportunity. Fred Speaker has a heart of gold, passion to make sure Huntington Beach stayed the course financially and the experience to help find solutions to pension reform, budget restraints and managed growth without scaring the heebee jeebies out of the rest of us. Speaker would have been the council leader we needed to move from a few past years of individual agenda politics to a focus on community-wide issues.


I am looking forward to Connie Boardman's experience, Matthew Harper's conservative fiscal base, Joe Carchio's maturing as a political leader after his initial four years on the job training and, whether it remains Joe Shaw or the emerging challenger Barbara Delgleize as the fourth council person, their honest and earnest desire to help lead.

Can't we all just get along ... who said that? Perhaps it has become generational!

Dave Garofalo

Huntington Beach

Editor's note: Garofalo is the former mayor of Huntington Beach and the publisher of the Local News.

Best wishes for new leaders

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