Mailbag: Residents right on liquor licenses

March 23, 2011

The juxtaposition of your March 10 article on Councilman Keith Bohr's hijacking of a recent council meeting ("Bomburger cancels alcohol license request") in order to criticize the Huntington Beach Downtown Residents Assn. and their work to limit downtown liquor licenses, in this case Bomburger's, next to an article about the same councilman's financial woes and his personal connection to the Bomburger business ("Councilman Bohr grapples with bankruptcy, home foreclosure") only serves to underline why we all must take a greater look at who is running our city and where their interests lie.

Bohr's vocal participation at the meeting in this matter is inappropriate at best and corrupt at worst. The Downtown Residents Assn. is representing a large and, up till now, unheard group of taxpaying constituents who are, for the most part, at their breaking points with regards to dealing with the rise in downtown drinking-related issues and crimes.

Those of us living in the downtown area are regularly woken up at 2 a.m. by the loud, drunken musings of late-night drinkers who are either walking home from a downtown bar or who have parked earlier in the evening in front of our homes and walked to the bars in order to evade the police presence downtown when they return to their cars to drive home. My family has more than once had the displeasure of finding an inebriated downtown bar patron urinating against the side of our home, taking care of business before getting in his car for the drive home. And we live eight blocks from the center of town.


According to a report from the Downtown Residents Assn., our beautiful city has ranked No. 1 in DUI arrests of the 69 largest cities in the state four years in a row, the downtown neighborhood has a crime rate 800% greater than other areas in our city; Huntington Beach has 700% more bars per capita than the rest of Orange County, and 28% of all the bars in the city are in the tiny three-block span of our downtown neighborhood.

Expanding the number of liquor licenses in our town is an irresponsible move right now. Council members like Bohr need to start representing the interests of us locals soon by creating a safe environment for all who live here or visit, or they may find themselves either without a job or, sadly, with a mass exodus of those who make up their highest real-estate tax revenue.

Lisa Sharlin Klein

Huntington Beach


Integrity key for public officials

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