Natural Perspectives: Grandson added to already amazing brood

October 19, 2011|By Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray
  • Scott holds his son Mike, who is only six hours old in this photo.
Scott holds his son Mike, who is only six hours old in this… (Lou Murray, HB Independent )

Vic and I are pleased to announce a new addition to our family — a baby grandson. After five precious granddaughters, we're thrilled to have a grandson, especially since we are pretty sure that he will be our last grandchild.

Robert Michael Murray (call him "Mike") weighed in at seven pounds and came with a full head of nearly black hair. Mike is an alert little guy. He was looking around and his eyes were following movement when he was only a few hours old. Mother Nicole and baby Mike are healthy and doing well.

His three sisters think he's adorable, and we agree. Three-year-old Megan really, really wants to touch baby Mike. She has practiced diapering and dressing her baby doll, taking its temperature and turning on the electric mobile over the changing table. I think she expects to be taking care of the real baby.

I will be in San Diego quite a bit over the next few weeks to help take care of the little ones. Nana Maria, Nicole's mother, has come up from her home in Antigua, Guatemala, to provide assistance as well.


Papa Vic drives down whenever he can to help with cooking and cleanup. It really takes a lot of us to do what Nicole does in a normal day, including running her own business.

The girls have known for months now that they were getting a little brother. The 5-year-old twins, Allison and Lauren, haven't had any questions about the process, but Megan has had plenty. She asked her nanny how the baby got into her mommy's tummy.

The nanny wisely sidestepped the question. When Megan asked her other grandmother about it, Nana Maria told her that there is a special space in mommies' tummies for babies to grow. That seemed to satisfy Megan for a time.

But the day after Megan saw the new baby for the first time in the hospital, she became curious again about the process. I called Scott at the hospital after Megan's music class to let him know that we were going shopping. Megan wanted to talk to him, so I turned my cell phone over to her.

The first thing out of her mouth was, "But Daddy, how did the baby get into space?"

Megan has an amazing vocabulary for a 3-year-old, but she's still working on pronunciation. The word came out "thpath" and no one understood her.

She kept repeating it, and we kept making incorrect guesses as to what she meant. Exasperated, she finally said, "Thpath, where the planets are."

Scott told her that the baby wasn't in space; only astronauts went into space. She gave up on getting the answer from her daddy.

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