Joe Surf: The saga of Kelly Slater's 11th win

November 09, 2011|By Joe Haakenson

Kelly Slater is sooooo good…

How good is he?

Slater is so good that he won the Assn. of Surfing Professionals World Tour championship twice this year. In fact, he won it twice in one week!

OK, that might not be so funny to those who work so hard to run the ASP World Tour, but unfortunately for them, it's true. Sort of.


Here's how it went down.

Slater and all the ASP pros went up to Ocean Beach in San Francisco last week for the 10th of the 11 events on the ASP World Tour. The way the ASP figured, Slater needed to win his first two heats, which would put him no lower than ninth place in the San Francisco contest, to clinch the points title for his unprecedented 11th world championship.

So, of course, Slater wins his first two heats last Tuesday, and the party begins. Slater is carried triumphantly from the water, the championship hats and T-shirts are given out and everybody loves Kelly — or "Ke11y," as they're calling him now.

The next day, Slater was on, perusing the comments section underneath the article proclaiming him world champ.

Slater comes across this comment posted by "Mark":

"It's fantastic without a doubt. Though I'm not sure how he could be crowned just yet. In the unlikely event Kelly finishes 9th in SF, then 13th or 25th at Pipe and Owen (Wright) wins both, they would both have 3 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 fifths, a 9th and a 13th to count. Wouldn't that be dead even? Not like it will happen, but what gives?"

Then on Thursday of last week, Slater tweets to his 120,351 followers: "Can you read this comment from Mark? The calculator at aspworldtour must be broken. I'm not the world champ yet!"

Initially, nobody seemed to take Slater seriously, causing him to tweet again:

"I'm not joking. I have not won the world title yet. I still have to win another heat! Give those shirts and hats back!"

Slater then got in touch with the folks at the ASP, and back to Twitter he went:

"(ASP World Tour) isn't gonna be happy with me or this but realized last night and confirmed just now with them. Only honest thing to do."

Someone at the ASP in charge of its Twitter account tweeted back to Slater: "We have plenty of things to be unhappy about. Honesty is not one of them."

Slater responded: "Thank you. We all make errors. Maybe I made one going public but on the bright side it will create bigger interest."

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