Mailbag: Solar panels have historic price

February 08, 2012

I was happy to read that the Huntington Beach City School District expects to save more than $15 million over the next 25 years in electricity costs because of the solar panels installed on five campuses in the article ("District slashes electricity costs," Jan. 26).

Personally, I have always been in favor of implementing alternative energies to save money and improve the environment. I've also been interested in preserving the intrinsic and aesthetic environmental value of our local historic landmarks, like Dwyer Middle School.

Last year when I and hundreds of other local community citizens asked the school board to reconsider the location of the solar panels at Dwyer, we were rebuffed because of the cost to move the panels to an alternative location. The board informed the community that the estimated $200,000 required to move the panels to the bus parking lot or other location not directly in front of the school was deemed too expensive.


It is also important to note that the "Chevron HBCSD Photovoltaic Assessment" used to determine the "optimal location for the panels" showed the bus parking lot at Dwyer had the highest solar rating of any of the locations with 99% exposure to the sun. Based on the district's expected cost savings, it would have cost us less than 1.7% of the total savings to both save money and preserve the aesthetic value of our historic landmark school by moving the panels to a location that most likely would have yielded even greater production of electricity.

I sure wish we would have made the investment to protect the aesthetic value of our local historic landmark school at Dwyer. Less than 1.7% of the expected savings doesn't seem "expensive" to me!

Steve West

Huntington Beach


Why no caution for Delgleize?

A recent focus of the Independent ("Bixby votes on project," Jan. 26) has been the voting record of Planning Commissioner Mark Bixby on the senior center issue.

It is interesting that no other planning commissioners received warnings from the city attorney regarding "bias," especially Chairwoman Barbara Delgleize (who has made no secret of her position on the senior center as both a candidate for City Council in 2010 and an Advisory Board member to the Council on Aging). Delgleize did vote for the EIR and the CUP for the senior center with no reservations.

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