Roses are red, helpers are blue

February 15, 2012
  • A blue card was attached to each rose that "Helpful Honda" representatives were handing on Valentine's Day in Huntington Beach.
A blue card was attached to each rose that "Helpful… (STEVEN GEORGES,…)

The SoCal Honda Dealers' Helpful Guys in Blue played Cupid on Valentine's Day in Huntington Beach and other Orange County cities, reminding people of love, just in case they forgot.

The Guys in Blue, who work as part of the SoCal Honda Dealers' Helpful Campaign, started out in Huntington Beach at a gas station on Adams Avenue and gave a single wrapped rose with a card. The rose could also be gifted to someone special, said Destin Judy, the campaign's spokeswoman.

Giving out roses on Valentine's Day isn't the only thing the Helpful Guys in Blue do; they sometimes fill up gas tanks for free or hand out cold water bottles in parks.

"We're trying to spread a positive message of car dealers being helpful in the community in an unexpected way," Judy said.

The roses were also handed out in Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Irvine and Tustin, among other cities.


—Mona Shadia

Twitter: @MonaShadia

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