Mailbag: For tickets, all you need is luck

February 22, 2012

I read your article in the Independent on the battle of the Beatles and the Stones on Saturday morning ("The battle of Beatles, Stones," City Lights, Feb. 16). My wife and I decided that we could not miss this show, since we are of that era. We called the box office, and it was sold out for the last performance! Boo hoo.

Two people are at fault for us missing this: one being me for reading the article two days late, and the other is you. Yes, you! Next time the Academy for the Performing Arts is presenting a musical, could you do the article one week early? And I guess Jamie Knight also has some blame. This type of production needs to run longer.

Thank you for a great article (without the music).

Norman Blanco

Fountain Valley


Questions on the Woman's Club


Thanks so much for the coverage you have given the Woman's Club of Huntington Beach and the fair acknowledgment that the residents are concerned about the variances that have been requested to rebuild the facility ("Vote for new club delayed," Jan. 26).

I am a member of a group of 71 downtown residents opposed to the variances being requested. We do not feel that the activities of their "hall-for-hire" is appropriate for our neighborhood. We are also very skeptical as to their philanthropic, not-for-profit claims.

While references are always made, we can find nothing specifically cited as to what charities, civic organization, causes, etc. are benefiting from the activities that take place at the Woman's Club, other than a 2008 reference to $1,000 given to high school seniors. It would seem a perfect time to celebrate any recent support that the Woman's Club has provided to our community.

The revenue opportunity of the constant hiring out of the clubhouse seems to be their primary fundraiser (again, we ask, for what). Based on information provided in the filing by the club, the utilization of the facility for the 12 months prior to the fire would indicate that the clubhouse was rented out for 141 events and had three member-related events. That would also indicate that on average, 12 events are held per month, or about three per week. And as you have heard, not all are compatible with the neighborhood.

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