Mailbag: Sunset has had a smooth ride

May 02, 2012

The article titled "A tough ride into Sunset" (April 19) would have been more accurate if it were titled "Smooth sailing into Sunset," because the Huntington Beach officials have listened to our community and responded in a most positive manner.

Your article implied that Sunset Beach residents are evenly split between pro- and anti-annexation. In fact, our town elected a "pro-Huntington Beach board" to our Sunset Beach Community Assn. (SBCA) for the last two years. In addition, one incumbent board member was voted out because of his "anti-H.B. stance."

This would indicate how the "silent majority" really feels about the annexation to Huntington Beach.

The SBCA has invited one H.B. department head to speak at each of our monthly meetings. This would have been an excellent opportunity for the "no on annexation" folks to come forth and ask questions and/or evaluate the actual transition. But few if any of them came, implying that they really don't want the facts.


The truth is: H.B. city officials are going out of their way to be accommodating and to preserve the unique and slightly quirky character that we all love about Sunset Beach. The majority of Sunset Beach residents are pleased that the transition is going so well.

Carrol Wolf

Sunset Beach

The writer is the vice president of the Sunset Beach Community Assn.


Questions linger on senior center

While reporter Mona Shadia's article on the senior center environmental impact report vote (Re "Senior center report passes," April 19) was generally well-written, it left out much of what senior center opponents have been objecting to in the report and with the project in general.

Absent were the points made by myself and others that should have been included in the article regardless of length or "angle." The bulk of the article was devoted to the proponents of the project and their disbelief that anyone could oppose such a "modest proposal." The flaws in the EIR were pointed out by Councilwoman Connie Boardman, and the fallacies of the council majority in addressing this issue now were stated by Councilman Joe Shaw.

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