Suburban Legends treats its fans — literally

Huntington Beach band plays to a packed house at Chain Reaction in Anaheim.

May 08, 2012|By Brittany Woolsey, Special to the Independent
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Suburban Legends show veterans knew they would be in for a treat during the band's Friday night performance at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, but not in the literal sense.

"Stop the entire set for snacks!" Vincent Walker (vocals) announced, while the rest of the Huntington Beach band left the stage, only to return with cookies, cinnamon rolls and other goodies to throw into the crowd.

The scene was a perfect example of what a Suburban Legends show is like: a spontaneous and wild party.

Throughout its concerts, the group performs synchronized choreography.

Kicking off with "Emergency," it was clear that everyone was there for a good time. Fans danced to the upbeat tune and sang along to its catchy chorus, while the band strutted its stuff on the small stage at Chain Reaction.

"Thank you so much for coming to our party!" Walker said to the packed crowd, which filled the floor of the 250-person capacity building.


Suburban Legends was celebrating its latest album, "Day Job," released on April 3.

The band delighted fans with old favorites, such as "Bright Spring Morning," and new songs like "Arigato," in which Walker sings in Japanese. Despite the foreign language, fans sang along and skanked, a form of dancing to ska music in which people kick their legs slightly in the air to the beat of the music.

Four fans — all men, by chance — got called up to the stage to try their hand at the first-ever Suburban Legends karaoke.

"Hit every word and melody dead on or you're a loser," Aaron Bertram (trumpet) joked.

Some of the contestants jumbled up the lyrics, but were rewarded with bizarre gifts that only Suburban Legends would think of: jumbo braid extensions, a foam rocket launcher and toy sword.

"Your Girlfriend's Pretty" was one of the most standout performances of the evening, with Brian Klemm (guitars) on vocals.

He flaunted around the stage, shaking his butt, while singing the song about a borderline creepy guy, eager to get someone else's girlfriend. His playful antics made him enjoyable and comical to watch. It was also refreshing to see Walker on guitar during this song, reprising one of his original roles in the band.

Suburban Legends concluded its set with "Gummy Bears," Disney's "Under the Sea" and "High Fives." During the latter tune, the band and crowd high-fived each other, celebrating the album and the overall live performance.

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