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Area residents' 'Yankles' film makes it to DVD

David and Zev Brooks, from Westminster and Fountain Valley, made the comedy-drama about an Orthodox Jewish baseball team.

June 06, 2012|By Jenny Stockdale

Film in Utah with, ironically, a predominantly Mormon cast, "The Yankles" has received nine film festival awards, including Best Comedy at the 2010 International Family Film Festival and Best Feature at the 2010 Anaheim International Film Festival.

The brothers were in Manhattan last week for the film's New York premiere at an Upper West Side Jewish community center. David and Zev both said they were as anxious about this particular crowd's response to the film as they were its first screening.

"The mainstay of our audience is here, if you think about it," David said. "As a national pastime, baseball is so loved here in the New York area, which also has the largest Jewish population in the United States. So if this audience didn't laugh at our jokes, we were in trouble. But they cracked up at all the right times, and we were immediately relived."


Zev, the more reserved of the two, compared his personal experience making "The Yankles" to that of captaining a ship.

"We've crossed some very stormy seas in this process," he said. "But now I feel like we've hit the dock safely, we're back to dry land and I feel really good about bringing our ship home. We certainly sailed our vessel the best we could. We hope to sail again soon and keep making movies."

Though nothing has been officially announced, David said several new film scripts are in the works, and they promise to be as uncharted as pairing baseball and Judaism.

"If you're going to do something as a beginner, why not do something that has never been done before?" David said. "We had such a unique concept with this first film, and we hope to bring new ideas like this to the big screen in the future."

ForFather's Daygift seekers, "The Yankles" will be available for purchase in all major stores where DVD and Blu-ray movies are sold. The film's soundtrack, featuring a eclectic mix of klezmer, hip-hop and funk, was made available for purchase Tuesday through the film's website,

How will the Brookses be celebrating the latest milestone of "The Yankles"?

"We'll probably be going to Wal-Martand Best Buy," David said. "We'll be the guys standing in front of film racks taking pictures of the DVDs on the stand."

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