Mailbag: Advice column was food for thought

July 02, 2012

The cooking tips from Elle Harrow and Terry Markowitz were terrific ("Cooking tips from Elle and Terry," All About Food, June 21). Who knew, even me as a registered dietitian, that bell peppers with three bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating and peppers with four bumps are firmer and better for cooking? Thank you for the 18 tips. I will share your tips with my clients and will wrap my open chunks of cheese in aluminum foil to keep them fresher longer.

Melanie R. Silverman

Laguna Beach


Vice crimes a waste of funds

A quick look at the 2011/12 Huntington Beach Police Department budget shows that there are nine persons assigned to narcotics and vice investigations and that 1,400 narcotics analyses are budgeted. Since most of narcotics and vice issues involve voluntary capitalist acts between consenting adults, I make the following suggestion:


Eliminate these specialty functions and restrict police activity associated with vice and drugs to only those involving violence or property crimes and handle those as part of normal police functions. This should provide significant help in the budget reduction efforts.

Ernst F. Ghermann

Huntington Beach


One reader for Rohrabacher...

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) is a brave and patriotic leader who stands tall against the crooks and corrupt leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Since 1947, Pakistan has played games with the U.S. and has received a large amount of money and weapons.

American leaders are unable to understand, then and now, how these leaders changed their tune. These crooks will say one thing, and they do something totally different than what was stated.

Finally, Rohrabacher found out, and understands that they are crooks and are still corrupt today!

In my opinion, the United States should not waste more of our taxpayer money and instead should take care of our fellow Americans. It makes no sense to borrow money from China and give it to those corrupt leaders, therefore leaving Americans with more debt.

I admire Rohrabacher and what he is doing for this country. I hope we will find other leaders who will follow in his footsteps and listen to his wise words.

Surat Singh Randhawa

Costa Mesa


...and one not so enchanted

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