Mailbag: This year's Fourth was true independence day

July 16, 2012

Congratulations are in order to Mayor Don Hansen and the other four city councilmen who voted in January of this year to lift the ban on the sale and use of "safe and sane" fireworks in the city of Huntington Beach.

I know this is going to be disturbing to the two liberal members of the City Council who voted against the lifting of the ban, but when adult citizens are left to be adult citizens, they tend to act like adult citizens. Maybe even more disturbing to the left in this city is the symbolism that comes with an entire city, block by block, enjoying a freedom that they had been denied for almost a quarter of a century.

If the citizens of this great city can have a safe, successful and enjoyable time left to their own devices and not having the oppressiveness of a city government telling them how to celebrate their Fourth of July, maybe they will also realize that other parts of their life the city wants to control may not be in their best interest.


Coming soon, a council majority is seeking to ban plastic grocery bags in this city, following the lead of other bastions of liberty such as Santa Monica, Los Angeles and San Francisco. With their motto of "We Just Know Better," the two liberal council members and two other seriously misguided council members think the best way to control littering in the city is to control the activities of its citizens.

Apparently it's not good enough to have laws against littering (maybe we can enforce those first?) — we now must control how a grocery store handles the purchases of its clientele. No matter that you can go down aisle 3 at Vons and buy a package of 50 plastic bags. You just can't get the store to put them in a plastic bag in order for you to take them home. This is liberal logic.

The use of Fourth of July fireworks and the bagging method for groceries might seem to be small items, but they do represent a bigger issue: liberty.

Let's face it, when a city is powerful enough to tell you how to celebrate the 4th and how to bag groceries, it's powerful enough to tell you how to do most anything.

Frank LoGrasso

Huntington Beach


Hansen not the people's mayor

Huntington Beach Mayor Don Hansen is just full of ideas, isn't he?

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