Mailbag: Changes not good for Suburbia Park

November 29, 2012

I would like to make some corrections/additions to the letter titled, "LeBard changes will benefit community" in the Nov. 6 Forum section of the HB Independent.

Most of the surrounding community does not consider this project to be beneficial. This is primarily due to the fact that of the 10 acres "owned" by the Huntington Beach City School District, five will go to the development of 30 new houses, all of which will exit and enter out of only one street in Suburbia Park, substantially increasing traffic and crowding to that neighborhood. Also, these houses will be on significantly smaller lot sizes, shrinking from the current 6,000 square feet in Suburbia Park to 4,800 square feet, effectively creating a new neighborhood instead of just an addition.

This is how the "plan will pay for itself." Hmm — wonder why this wasn't mentioned?

Two acres of continuous open space, which is behind the current baseball fields, will be gone, covered by these new homes. Many people use this space — they walk their dogs, play impromptu soccer/football/throwing games, have little parties, etc. And this continuous space is not being made up in the new plan. It is chopped up into little sections behind the new fields, whereby it will most likely be used for bleachers, practicing or fundraising events by Seaview.


The new tot lot is substantially smaller than the current playground, almost by half — the project tries to make up for this by creating green space under the huge Edison towers, one of which has cell phone antennas on it — not a great place for a kid (or anyone) to play. Also, this area is somewhat unsafe being next to the Santa Ana River, where, sadly, lots of homeless people roam.

And finally, if work safety of the employees is a true concern, why didn't HBCSD accept the $7 million offered by the city four years ago, in 2008? Gee, wasn't that enough money to go find or create a new district office? They let their employees be at risk for another four years and counting.

Sure, everything will be new, but at what cost? Increased car congestion to Suburbia Park from the 30 new houses, a smaller and inferior playground, the loss of 2 acres of open space, and almost two years (that's if all goes well and the construction company doesn't go bankrupt) of continuous truck traffic, construction noise and air pollution to build it all. Beneficial? I don't think so.

Rebecca L. Hart

Suburbia Park Resident


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