Mailbag: Poseidon is no good for H.B.

February 20, 2013

[The Huntington Beach] Poseidon Desalination plan is a boondoggle plan like every one they have proposed since Tampa Bay [in Florida].

They sold the idea of a desalination plant to the Huntington Beach City Council by promising it would never cost the city rate payers because Poseidon was paying for the entire desal plant themselves.

Now, they are planning on floating a bond.

They blamed Tampa Bay [for operational problems] because they claimed Tampa didn't let them finish the project.

Desalination isn't perfected yet and will be another failure that H.B. will be paying for if we go any further with this company from Connecticut.


H.B. doesn't need the water and our streets are going to be dug up to get the water to Costa Mesa where they are planning on selling it. I don't know if it's purchased yet. Many of their deals have fallen through.

Eileen Murphy

Huntington Beach 


Plastic bags are not government issue

This potential ordinance to ban "one time use" plastic bags is akin to gun control, or spay and neuter laws. Criminals will have guns, and irresponsible dog owners will let dogs roam, poop and breed and people who are environmentally insensitive will do as they wish with reckless abandon.

I am environmentally very sensitive but feel this is just a "feel good" proposal and does not, nor will it really remedy the problem, but merely create another level of government and its associated enforcement as well as cost to consumers while making some people feel good.

The idea as one council member described as making extra money for the business owners is a joke and shows a very shallow understanding of business finance (if a business owner relies on fees for plastic bags to make a profit then they should not own a business).

You cannot govern irresponsible people and burden the responsible ones at a cost to them. This is idealistic and, yes, good in its intentions but questionable. As the saying goes, "You cannot change a tiger's stripes." Irresponsible behavior will continue and this law will do nothing to change that.

Most of the waste that piles on our beaches comes down the rivers and flood control channels from miles away. Who educates the folks in those cities and counties whose end product we absorb on our beaches? How about all the RV visitors to our state and city campgrounds in HB from all over?

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