Mailbag: Councilman out of step when it comes to caring for people, animals, environment

July 24, 2013

Huntington Beach Councilman Matt Harper is from a time gone by.

That was a time when we didn't think about what we were doing to the oceans and ocean life but only of our own convenience. Now we have a plastic bag ban.

That was a time when pet shops had no publicly known connection to cruel puppy mills and other animal abuses. Now we have a pet shop ban.


That was a time when senior citizens who worked, paid taxes, raised families, followed the laws and contributed to their communities their whole lives could retire in well-deserved peace without fear of big developers taking or pricing them out of their homes. Now we have a senior park protection law.

Harper is out of touch with the majority of constituents in Huntington Beach.

He sees helping to protect the oceans, animals and our own cherished seniors as a "move to the left."

He sees a few security cameras in downtown, with accompanying signs stating that the cameras are there, as "socialism".

These issues are humane issues for the protection of our environment and our people.

If that is "left," then so be it. Huntington Beach is moving to the "left."

If he'd like to thank me for that "move to the left," I would say, "You're welcome." During our last election, I spent time going door to door to get people registered to vote and educated about the candidates that I was supporting, current council members Jill Hardy and Jim Katapodis (The two top votes earners).

Looks like my hard work to have my "left" voice represented paid off.

I will continue to stay involved in the fight for human, animal and environmental rights and protections since I am a woman of the 21st century, not of a time gone by.

By the way, Harper is up for reelection in 2014, should he choose to run again in the left-leaning city of Huntington Beach.

Jackie A. Trudnich

Huntington Beach


Council right to protect senior mobile home parks

The City Council took a necessary and responsible step to protect the residential property rights and quality of life of seniors residing in manufactured housing in our city.

Much like the city's Mobile Home Park Conversion Ordinance approved in 2004 (by some of the same council members), this protection effort is needed to prevent the destruction of the senior mobile home community that has existed peacefully and productively here for decades.

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