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Sculpture with a vibe

From clay to toy darts, just about any material goes at Huntington Beach Art Center's new exhibit.

October 28, 2013|By Rhea Mahbubani

A wall at the entrance to the show is dotted with 10 Artforum Magazines with pirate skulls and abstract wave patterns cut into the pages. Titled "State of Affairs," it leads into three galleries methodically scattered with items including Evan Holloway's "72," a steel, brass, lead and paint concoction that represents, with small, carefully molded faces, people in a room and each one's interaction with another.

Continuing on, the viewer encounters Thomas Müller's "I am the man in the gray flannel suit!", arranged on the floor with shattered letters revealing their interior architecture, and Tedeschi's "40,000,000,000,000 years" a toilet-paper-and-resin construction with a Dracula head and globe tucked inside.

Woodward was Tedeschi's student at Cal State Long Beach and also studied under Sean Duffy at UC Irvine.


Art from darts

Duffy, 47, spent his youth in east San Diego County, 30 miles from the closest convenience store. The landscape sported motorcycles, go-karts and rocks and lent itself to fixing broken paraphernalia with other scraps on-hand. Today, this use of familiar, mass-produced goods, like paint and canvas, is part of his practice, albeit nontraditionally.


Last year, he purchased 1,000 red, yellow and blue darts off eBay, which lay around his Santa Clarita house, to be fiddled with occasionally. One night, Duffy was joined by his wife and two sons, throwing darts at a wall for over an hour.

When some darts fell to the ground, it became a game to ensure that they all stuck to the surface. Eventually, he had to patch up the wall, he recalled with a guffaw, but the experience, which toed the line between destruction and creation, came together in the form of "Darts Red, Darts Yellow and Darts Blue," on display at the venue on Main Street.

Duffy's other contributions to "Reverberation" include printed signs reading "I've seen more photographs of people than people" and "This piece is for you — Take it off the wall and carry it to your home. Don't talk to anyone. They won't talk to you." — an offer that some viewers have taken him up on.

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