Team remains in game

Little League Reunion

The 2011 Ocean View Little League All-Stars that won the World Series are all still playing the game they love.

April 02, 2014|By Mike Sciacca
(Wendy Kotkosky )

It was three years ago this coming summer, that Huntington Beach took center stage nationally and internationally, on the youth sports scene.

In late-August of 2011, the Ocean View Little League All-Star team (11-12 year-olds) made it all the way to Williamsport, Pa., for the Little League Baseball World Series. Ocean View not only qualified for the tournament, but also won the coveted title.

Since that time, the 13 members of that memorable squad have all moved on. Each, now, is in high school, several at the same school, Huntington Beach High, and although not all are walking the halls on the same campus, they all have one thing in common: all 13, are still playing baseball.

"That's pretty rare," said Jeff Pratto, the manager of the World Series-winning team. "All 13 of these kids are still in the game."

Pratto, and coaches Tony Cianca and Jose Martinez, were part of a gathering at the Ocean View Little League Major division field Sunday that brought together 12 of the 13 members of the 2011 All-Star team. The players lined up to take a new team photo in their respective high school uniforms, reprising a pose captured in a photo taken in their Ocean View All-Star uniforms at the Little League World Series that August.


The photo reunion was the brainstorm of Pratto and Denise Cianca, the Team Mom for that 2011 Ocean View All-Star Team.

"It was [Pratto's] idea, I just ran with it," Denise Cianca said.

Three summers ago, this group was enjoying the thrill of reaching the ultimate destination for Little League teams, then experienced the unbridled joy of winning a World Series championship.

Today, these 13 players have made their way onto various high school rosters: Nick Pratto (freshman, Mater Dei, varsity team); Hagen Danner (Fr., Huntington Beach, varsity team); Braydon Salzman (Soph., Ocean View, varsity team); Jason Mayorga (Soph., Huntington Beach, junior varsity team); Jack Furry (Soph., Huntington Beach, JV team); Trevor Windisch (Fr., Huntington Beach, frosh team); Christian Catano (Fr., Huntington Beach,, frosh team); Justin Cianca (Fr., Huntington Beach, frosh team); Steven Kotkosky (Fr., Huntington Beach, frosh team); Ryo Takada (Soph., Edison, JV team); Anthony Martinez (Soph., Huntington Beach, JV team); Dylan Palmer (Fr., Huntington Beach, frosh team), and Eric Anderson (Fr., Marina, frosh team).

Pratto said that Salzman was the only All-Star not present for Sunday's photo reunion.

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